Passionate and strategic creative leader known for actualizing latent potential, building game-changing workflows, and developing compelling ideas. Expert in beautifully intuitive design, insanely useful product development, and leading by example.

Leadership Philosophy
Encourages ambition of team members to think big, and grow through everyday challenges efficiently.
Listens heuristically to employee expertise to facilitate insightful, and elegant technical solutions.
Fosters a culture of delightful customer service, emotional intelligence, and high-performance.
Leverages exploration of emerging technologies and ideas to push the boundaries of innovation.

Areas of Expertise
• Leadership
• Storytelling
• Product Development
• Business Development
• Mass Production
• Cross-Functional Teamwork
• Budgeting
• 3D Visualization
• Rapid Prototyping
• CAD Drawing
• Merchandising
• Marketing​​​​​​​
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