Featured in Schön! Magazine:
While 3-D printing is all the rage, Schön! is always on the lookout for what’s next. Cue Jonathan Kyle Farmer, a faculty member at the prestigious Parsons School of Fashion in New York. On 9th February, Farmer hosted an exhibition at Parsons to reveal the cutting edge – in more ways than one – technique he calls 5D.

“Having always worked with both 2D and 3D processes, I made a simple calculation: 2D+3D=5D,” explains Farmer. His work began with a single scissor cut in a folded piece of white paper, which eventually turned into the 5D doll-like figures presented at the exhibition, which was aptly titled ‘Drawing with Scissors’.

Engineered from profile view with the use of dovetailing techniques, the dolls appeared to float lifelessly in space – a guise Farmer managed to create through bilateral symmetry and the notion of palindromic pattern cutting. Although constructed from mere paper, the figures held a humanistic quality, which was both compelling and disturbing. Despite their facelessness, each doll was given its own personality and brought to life by Farmer’s pioneering design technique.

A video by Jack Hu, featuring the deconstruction and revival of the figures also debuted at the event, breathing even more life into the already anthropomorphic figures. Watch an excerpt here…
Words / Schuyler Sorensen
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